Black Widow and an excellent reception from specialized critics

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Black Widow tells the story of the reunion of Natasha Romanoff with his past. Yelena Belova, Melina Vostokoff y Red Guardian are the old family she had before joining SHIELD and later to Avengers. This next adventure for Johansson’s character explores what happened entre Captain America: Civil War y Avengers: Infinity War. The heroine of Marvel must face an elusive villain: Taskmaster.

The first reviews from specialized critics are hitting the Internet and apparently the film is having a good reception in general. On Rotten Tomatoes the film is certified as “fresh” with a score of 84%.

Criticism and Black Widow

The general consensus on the film is that the deep themes it does address are overshadowed by all of its action, but stands as solid entertainment and an adventure starring a luxury cast.

Angie Han from Mashable: “Technically Black Widow It is a trip to the past of Marvel. Offering a story that stands on its own, it opens up an interesting case for moving forward with the franchise in the future. “

Chris Stuckmann: “This movie could have been great. Much better than it finally was. But they made it as a placeholder for the future.”

John Wenzel of Denver Post: “The background show rarely deviates from the path of Marvelbut still manages to explore challenging terrain. “

Jake Coyle de Associated Press: “It’s absorbing in its own right. Less busy powering a movie universe. It’s self-contained and delves into deeper, darker realms of the typically bright world of Marvel“.

Leah Greenblatt de Entertainment Weekly: “The choreographies of the fights are impressive, but slightly numbing. The energetic world trot through Norway, Morocco and Russia cannot be faulted.”

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