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Black Widow did not discuss her family with the Avengers for this reason

The Black Widow movie hit theaters and is available on Disney Plus. The play tells the story of Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson) and her difficult past when she was accountable to the authorities of the Soviet Union, long before joining SHIELD and appearing for the first time in Iron Man 2. Although the plot explains several details MCU, why did Natasha never talk about her family with the Avengers?


Black Widow begins by revealing that Natasha was part of a covert operation in Ohio (United States) for three years as a child, where she lived with a family of spies made up of the Red Guardian, Melina and Yelena Belova. Due to unpleasant circumstances, the family separates and Romanoff ends up hating all that past in the Soviet ranks. Black Widow’s plot moves forward and in the end she makes peace with her family, accepting the upbringing and influence she received as a child.

Despite the close relationship with the Avengers, especially Clint Barton and Bruce Banner, Romanoff never mentions this pseudo adoptive family. We’ve always thought that Natasha’s family memory was so painful that she didn’t feel comfortable sharing her past, but Black Widow reveals that she was able to get through that episode after the events of Civil War.

After the events of Black Widow, in Avengers: Infinity War, Romanoff wears Yelena’s vest, showing that she has a better connection to her past, but never has a good time to have a heart-to-heart conversation with those she trusts. : Banner is in space and Hawkeye is incommunicado with his family.

While Romanoff may have found someone to trust during the five years before his death in Endgame, those memories were likely painful once again and that his family in Black Widow would have been broken again. Yelena’s absence suggests they weren’t around at the time the Avengers were searching for the Infinity Stones after Thanos’ death.

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