Black Widow had a strong impact on David Harbor’s life

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Black Widow is very close to its premiere. Now, Davie Harbor revealed the strong impact the film had on his personal life.

After playing the adoptive father of Millie Bobby Brown in Stranger Things, David Harbor is now ready to play the father figure of Scarlett Johansson and Florence Pugh in Black Widow. In this new Marvel movie, we are going to see the actor in the shoes of Alexei Shostakov, the Red Guardian. Recently, he revealed that the film had a huge impact on his personal life.

“In this film I have met my wife and daughter. I left her married and stepfather. He had never been married. You could say it’s a coincidence or you could say that the Guardian has changed my life and I believe both are true. But I think that between what I do in Stranger Things and what I do here and in my personal life has allowed me to exorcise the demons that I had about believing myself a big boy, and becoming a man in the sense of becoming the father that I have always been. wanted to be and try to take care of something outside of myself, wanting something more than what I love myself, exposing myself to pain for another human being, that has been a long and slow process, it did not come naturally “, explicó David Harbour.

Recall that the Black Widow actor married Lily Allen in Las Vegas last year. It should be noted that the singer already had two daughters from previous relationships. Luckily, the actor’s stepdaughters will have a stepfather who will be good, not like Alexei who will leave much to be desired.

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Earning the trust of the public

“I remember at the beginning of the movie there is a moment when we see him, I don’t know how much I can say, doing something questionable about these two women. And I think at the beginning of the movie you think ‘wait!’ and for the rest of the movie it’s about re-winning the public’s trust. We talked about that with Cate (Shortland) at the beginning, ‘do we want to do this with a character that we want them to like or whatever happens?’ And she clung to the idea of ​​trying to make it as real as possible and the thing is that he is more committed to an ideology than to those girls “, David Harbor revealed regarding his character in Black Widow.

Then he added: “I think that this arouses guilt and that the real tragedy of it is that he ends up in prison and in that lost time they both become ideology, two incredible products of the ideology that he always wanted to be. Throughout the film he, in an egotistical and narcissistic way, has to implore her forgiveness ”.

Black Widow opens on July 9. The film can be seen in theaters and on Disney +. Do not miss it!

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