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The film “Black Widow” will be released on July 9 on Disney Plus and in theaters that are now open. As expected, Marvel Studios has started the advertising campaign via YouTube with different previews and interviews with the actors. Today June 3, for example, they released a trailer with new images.

On the other hand, actress Rachel Weisz participated in an interview on the Jimmy Kimmel Live program. Only in the presentation of the actress, a mistake was made that advances an important detail of the plot of the film.

“Our first guest tonight is an Oscar winner who is about to jump into the Marvel Cinematic Universe,” says Jimmy Kimmel on his show, what comes next is the spoiler in question.

“She plays Meelina Vostokoff in Black Widow,” he adds. Few noticed the detail but Weisz comments that they are “prohibited from saying Melina’s middle name”, since it is a spoiler for the film.

This character takes on the role of Iron Maiden in the Marvel comics. He was part of Damon Dran’s team that had the goal of eliminating the Black Widow. Will a betrayal of Natasha Romanova be seen in the movie?

“Black Widow” shares exclusive material shortly after its premiere

You might be wondering how Black Widow will have a solo movie if he passed away in “Avengers: Endgame.” Let’s remember that she sacrificed herself so that Clint Barton could get the soul gem on the planet Vormir. Now go back to the big screen to tell a new story.

Basically, the tape “Black Widow” will go back to the past to tell a passage from the life of Natasha Romanova. He will meet again with other members of the Black Widow program of the KGB of Russia and will face Taskmaster.

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On July 9, this film will reach theaters that are already operating Disney Plus in the premium section of payment. As expected, the Marvel Studios production company has started the advertising campaign.

Recently, he shared via YouTube a new exclusive trailer where the new characters are seen in depth. The same actress Scarlett Johansson presented the trailer. She explains that before she was Avenger she had a family, while a review of the team is made.

Red Guardian is perhaps the most intriguing character in the community. It is a Soviet version of Captain America that also has super strength and a shield that operates it in the same way.

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