“Black Widow”: Scarlett Johansson declares that she has no intention of returning to the MCU

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In April 2020, Marvel had scheduled the premiere of “Black Widow.” However, the film had to be postponed until July 9 of this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. It is now available in theaters and on the Disney Plus platform through the premium system.

This film focuses on explaining how Natasha Romanova became Black Widow; on the other hand, he will have one last mission with his former teammates such as Yelena Belova and Red Guardian.

Actress Scarlett Johansson returns to the big screen after “Avengers: Endgame.” The actress shared a few words with the medium where he was already saying goodbye to his fellow Marvel.

“Although I never feel like my work is done and I always think of new ways I could act in films I made ten years ago, I am very happy with what I have achieved in the more than ten years with Marvel.

I feel like I’m going to a high point, with a movie that I’m incredibly proud of. I feel like my work with Natasha is complete, if that’s possible. I have explored many of his facets, and I feel that the choice to sacrifice his life instead of his best friend was made with total determination, ”the actress explained.

Natasha passed away in “Endgame” after sacrificing herself for Hawkeye to obtain the Soul Stone. Like Robert Downey Jr.

Who is Taskmaster, the villain of “Black Widow”?

The character was created by screenwriter David Michelinie and artist George Pérez for “The Avengers # 195” (May 1980). The Avengers were investigating the disappearance of Janet Van Dyne and ran into a white-masked enemy who had strange powers.

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Taskmaster was born in the Bronx and noticed from a young age that he had a skill called ‘photographic reflections’. Basically, you could copy other people’s movements just by looking at them for a moment.

From athletes to superheroes, the character perfectly copied stunts without any complications. In the movie “Black Widow” we see that he even managed to use the techniques of the Black Widows.

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