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Black Widow: Why was it a movie and not a series?

Of the Avengers originals, the six that were part of the initial phases of the Cinematographic Universe of Marvel (MCU), one of those who long ago asked to have his own movie was Natasha Romanoff. Black Widow It was released on July 9 in theaters and for a few days it has been free of extra cost in the catalog of Disney+. It was the first film to return to the cinema for Marvel since the release of Spider-Man: Far From Home Two years ago.

Beyond the problems that Disney had with Scarlett Johansson since the launch of Black Widow, the film served to finish telling the story of Natasha Romanoff what did they have in mind Kevin Feige and his creative team. However, if you start to spin finer, you will notice that there were many more things to tell than those seen in this feature film, which could easily have been a series for Disney+. Perhaps the fact that fans were crying out for a movie of his buried the possibilities of an episodic show.

The main reason why Black Widow it could have been a series and not a movie has to do with the possibility of having more time to develop the story. In this sense, various aspects of the film of the MCU they felt rushed and others did not show themselves directly. Many believed that the film would show more of the link between Natasha Romanoff and Clinton Barton, popularly known as Hawkeye. They still owe it to the fans to know what happened in Budapest.

The chemistry between the protagonists was one of the high points. (Disney)

The main dilemma of Black Widow went through family ties. A short sequence from his adolescence was enough to show how he had grown up with Melina and AlexeiBut he didn’t feel powerful enough to justify bringing that family together. Yes there was a little more room for the relationship between Natasha and Yelena, who will be the heir to this heroine in the future of MCU, and this was evidenced by his post-credit scene.

The other two points that could have been expanded with a series of Black Widow are those of your link with S.H.I.E.L.D., of which not much is told. How did a daughter of the Red Room to completely cross over? In addition, it would have been interesting to know more about Red Guardian who he played David Harbour, although in this case it is fair to say that the movie was not about him but about Natasha.

mcu marvel black widow scarlett johansson florence pugh yelena

Florence Pugh, for now, is the only one confirmed to return. (Disney)

The Black Widow spin-off that could come true

In the future of MCU it was clear that there will be room for Florence Pugh What Yelena, which probably appears in a series and not so much in a movie. Another of the characters who has already been publicly talked about making a spin-off was from Red Guardian. The director of Black Widow, Cate Shortland talked about this with The Wrap.

mcu marvel black widow scarlett johansson alexei red guardian david harbour.jpg

David Harbor is looking forward to returning to the MCU. (Disney)

“People want to see more of this character, I would love to give more to people. And I’m also glad he’s alive at the end of the movie. “, he counted Shortland. In dialogue with Variety, David Harbour was open to return to interpret Alexei: “I love the character, there are so many things you could do with him. There is this 25-year gap where we don’t know who he was, what his version of events is as opposed to the real version of events. What happens to him after this movie and why is he not fighting Thanos? Where is he at that time, what happens then? And after that when Natasha die, what happens then? It is very interesting for me and I hope there will be interest at other levels, and maybe we will see some more “.

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