Blackwood and the next-gen patch for PS5 and Xbox Series X / S: we take a look at the latest from The Elder Scrolls Online

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Two weeks after the release of Blackwood and with the next gen update patch on the table, The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited shows all his cards to win back old adventurers and attract new players to their special game offer.

Seven years of adventure

After a rough start and many changes to its release plans, The Elder Scrolls Online has managed to adapt to the needs and desires of its players. Thus he has been recovering, little by little and chapter after chapter, the essence of the saga. With the arrival of base Tamriel Unlimited and the expansions that we have been receiving, Tamriel has been transformed into that chip and dice RPG board in which to play our characters, meet friends and dungeon at ease or, simply, give ourselves a well-deserved rest in our favorite corner of the map.

Morrowind, Summerset, Elseweyr, Skyrim y ahora Blackwood, have been shaping their world based on campaigns and adventures, but also possibilities when creating the character we want to be. Not everything is fighting and exploration, and sometimes it is even more lucrative and relaxing to throw the rod on your shoulder, collect some resources and create masterpieces that we can sell in the market, trade with the guilds, give to our partner in the game or use ourselves when we want to go on adventures one more time.

Seven years go a long way, and in this period approaching the decade we have hunted dragons, participated in battles, tamed wild mounts, defeated demons, and helped the odd Daedra prince to do his thing. We have become vampires and werewolf, defeated powerful cults, promoted in guilds, and forged impossible armor. We have also bought a house, decorated our home, met other players, cooked a cinnamon bun, and even found love. And if something offers TESO, it is possibilities, the experience of living and sharing, or not, a unique adventure, and joining forces with millions of players to make Tamriel a place in constant change and growth. Either alone or with the rest of the community.

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Welcome to Blackwood

With the last chapter, Blackwood, the Gates of Oblivion campaign begins. A story arc that takes place several centuries before the events of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. If you remember the archives of the moth monks, we are in the time of opening of the dimensional portals to the Dead Lands because of a mysterious cult that is trying to open the way back to Mehrunes Dagon. After a prologue that will take you through Tamriel, Blackwood begins in the legendary capital of Leyawiin, redecorated and redesigned for the occasion and looking like never before in this great expansion.

We are facing one of the most interesting plot arcs in the saga after the return of the dragons or the interesting return to Skyrim with Greymoor. A mysterious drémora, a heroic forest elf and the presence of the mythical dark brotherhood are the keys to this convoluted story full of script twists and spectacular locations that will get you hooked if you are a fan of the Bethesda Studios saga. For the veteran, Blackwood includes new sets and skill sets, new possibilities when creating and evolving your character and an addition that we have been waiting for years: the Companions. These NPCs will accompany you on your missions and will have their own equipment menu, skill tree and relationship with your character. A great way to go together for those of us who enjoy the solo experience more.

More spectacular than ever

Blackwood offers an area close to the imperial capital full of wide lakes, great swamps, forts, cities and open areas. This is one of the most affordable scenarios in the game to explore, ideal for both new players and veterans who want to enjoy the views of the willows reflecting in the river, the impressive docks and the most wooded areas. A curious contrast with the Dead Lands that we will access through the portals of the Dagonian cult and that offer a different approach to the one we could already enjoy in Oblivion, more infernal and, at the same time, more ‘habitable’ …

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Seniors will be pleased to see the Minotaurs return, this time accompanied by goblins who play the role of the corrupted race of the Falmer. Traditional enemies of the offline episodes of The Elder Scrolls And now they look better than ever thanks to redesign and animation work. Dwarf ruins, elven dungeons and old scenes that will awaken the nostalgia of Oblivion players complement a catalog that is afraid of the improvements of the next gen patch. If you thought you had already seen everything in Tamriel, get ready to enjoy the game at 60FPS and 4K with new textures, lighting and a result that, as you can see in the images, taken from the Xbox Series X version of the game, now look better than ever.


The Elder Scrolls Online is a very ambitious game, and that means that it is difficult to get hold of it at first. The immense amount of mechanics and aspects it proposes can scare the player who is starting from scratch, and the presence of players running around with impossible levels does not help. However, if you dedicate yourself to simply enjoying its game proposal without haste, doing what you want the most and advancing little by little, you will discover an experience that is 100% Elder Scrolls and much more. Do not be afraid and try to create your character and take your first steps in Tamriel: The ESO system will allow you to explore your first dungeons and face your first enemies without veteran players snatching your rewards, and as they will happen in Fallout 76 , you will find a healthy community that is not dedicated to trolling and attacking newcomers, but quite the opposite: here each one lives their life and lets the others carry out their adventure as they please.

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With the arrival of Blackwood and the next gen Tamriel patch it now looks better than ever. If you are a fan of Elder Scrolls and have never dared to start in its online version for fear of losing the essence of offline campaigns, I advise you to take a look. Elder Scrolls Online is enjoyed both with friends and alone. If you are able to overcome your only challenge: that both texts and voices are in English, you will find a wonderful corner in which to spend a hot summer facing monsters, freeing slaves, defeating dragons and even leading your own guild.

The decision is in your hands.

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