Blade: Wesley Snipes advises Mahershala Ali on how to be Marvel’s vampire slayer

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The announcement of the reboot of Blade as part of the UCM is one of the news that raises the most expectation among fans of Marvel, even more so if we take into account the actor chosen for the occasion, the double Oscar winner Mahershala Ali. Now, the actor who brought the vampire slayer from the comics to life for the first time on film, Wesley Snipes, he has shared some tips for the new interpreter from a recent interview; and they have no waste.

The original Blade guides the new vampire slayer

And we remember that a while ago, Wesley Snipes himself dropped Marvel who was following interested in returning like the vampire hunter; Finally, Marvel Studios has chosen to do a total reboot of the character, with a renowned actor such as Mahershala Ali, news of which Snipes himself has been happy on several occasions: “The issue of being chosen for the cast seems good to me. I don’t hang around like Blade, so I’m not attached to the character that way. I feel no emotional loss, zero, and I am happy that they restocked it and it is more than likely that he will do a great job, “says the veteran actor.

In addition, Snipes has not hesitated to share some advice on how to be Blade in the cinema, words directly addressed to Mahershala Ali himself: “Make sure you are in shape, uncle. Make sure you are in shape. Try not to injure yourself, that is important. What an action movie demands is that you have to be an elite athlete. And be well conditioned to survive and avoid injury. And enjoy while it lasts”, Concludes the actor.

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Filming of Blade as part of the MCU is expected to start middle of next year for a likely theatrical release sometime in 2023.

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