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Blake Corum’s Girlfriend: Makiah Shipp's Age and Job

Blake Corum’s Girlfriend: Makiah Shipp’s Age and Job

Many are curious to know who Blake Corum’s girlfriend is. Corum has garnered significant attention with his standout football performances. As his athletic achievements continue to gain prominence, fans are growing curious about his personal life, particularly his romantic relationships.

Blake Corum is dating Makiah Shipp in 2024.

According to Pro Football Network, they first connected while studying at the University of Michigan in early 2022 and have since shared occasional glimpses of their relationship on social media. Despite this, they typically maintain a private stance on their personal lives.

Recently, on June 30, the couple surprised their followers by announcing their engagement with a heartfelt Instagram post. In their engagement photos, the couple exudes love and joy. Corum orchestrated a romantic proposal on a rooftop. One photo captures them celebrating with champagne, showcasing Shipp’s new diamond ring.

Makiah Shipp, reportedly born on August 21, 2002, is 21 years old. Based in Detroit, she is a social justice and youth advocate, as per Pro Football Network.

Makiah Shipp has distinguished herself as a celebrated author, public speaker, and civic engagement activist. Her journey began in Ann Arbor, where, at the age of 18, she was appointed to the Ann Arbor Independent Community Police Oversight Commission, marking a significant accomplishment. By 20, Shipp achieved bestseller status with her book, Makiah’s Show and Tell.

Previously, Makiah Shipp has expressed her admiration for Blake Corum’s football accomplishments, celebrating his role in leading the Michigan Wolverines to a national championship and subsequently being drafted by the Los Angeles Rams. Meanwhile, Corum proudly acknowledged Shipp’s educational achievements. Earlier this year, the couple also marked their third anniversary together with heartfelt tributes on social media.

Source: Pro Football Network