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Blake Lively Responds Emotionally to Social Media's 'Best Compliment'

Blake Lively Responds Emotionally to Social Media’s ‘Best Compliment’

Blake Lively

After receiving what she called “maybe the best compliment of my life,” Blake Lively shared an emotional message of thanks and took the opportunity to praise the women in her life.

The actress from “It Ends With Us” posted photos on Instagram, capturing moments from her recent activities as she promotes her upcoming movie. She used the platform to respond to being called a “crown straightener.”

“I got maybe the best compliment of my life after this weekend. Someone on social called me a ‘crown straightener’. ‘A woman going around straightening all the women’s crowns around her’. It meant so much to me because it’s those invisible things people see that make us all feel best,” she wrote.

She expressed, “I learned that we’re all sparkling leaders, stronger together, from all the women in my life, blood and chosen. I am surrounded by crown straighteners.”

Lively named specific women who have recently made her life better, including Colleen Hoover, who wrote the book her movie “It Ends With Us” is based on, her mother-in-law Tammy Reynolds, makeup artist Vivian Baker, and hairstylist Jennifer Yepez, among others.

“This weekend alone was packed with that empowering female energy. When I looked back at these pics, I saw it all in action. And it made me feel so lucky and loved,” she concluded.

Friends and fans showered the actress with praise for her support of women. One commented, “We love and celebrate a girls girl.”

Actress Mary Steenburgen noted, “People who know you know that your extraordinary exterior doesn’t even compare to your kind, generous and hilarious soul.”

Many echoed the social media user’s compliment, calling Lively a “crown straightener.” Comments included, “Much deserved compliment from what I can see,” and, “You’re always a ray of light!! Continue to straighten crowns and we will too.”

Lively is also known for her many celebrity friendships, most notably her close relationship with Taylor Swift. The two have been close for many years. She remains very close with her “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” co-stars as well, and fans love seeing Lively’s strong bonds with her friends.

Source: Parade