Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani: One Year of Marital Bliss

By: Mou Mita Das

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blake shelton and gwen stefani

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton will celebrate their first marriage anniversary this year in a few months. These two talented artists met each other on the sets of the reality show The Voice in 2014. They both announced their relationship in 2015. After five years of togetherness and dating, Blake finally popped the question to an ecstatic Stefanie in October 2020. The couple tied the knot in an intimate ceremony last July. The wedding took place in the Oklahoma ranch that the power couple jointly owns.

So, what’s happened between these two in the past year? As it seems, both Stefanie and Blake are happily enjoying their marital bliss. Recently, Gwen appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to offer some insights about their happy marital life. 

blake shelton and gwen stefani

On 6th April, the 52-year-old singer arrived in an all-white ensemble with matching cowboy boots. She was all smiles during the interview and even joked with Ellen. 

When Ellen humorously asked about missing the opportunity to be the bridesmaid in the wedding, Gwen said the pandemic may have been the main cause!

Gwen added, ‘It got really small. I had this fantasy of building like bleachers, but it got smaller and smaller, and as you know, the Lord works in mysterious ways.’

‘It was the perfect amount of people. It was so intimate. It was so exactly what it needed to be,’ 

She also added that she was very happy in her marriage and enjoyed marital bliss to the fullest. In her words, ‘marriage itself is just so fun.’

When the show host asked her how happy she was, she replied, “So into it.” Stefani also added that marriage with Blake, “Not just the wedding. Marriage is so so fun, and I’m so into it. And I feel very blessed”. Ellen complimented her by saying, “you two just clicked.”

Gwen also praised her husband wholeheartedly. She mused about him, ‘He’s my best friend. We just have so much fun,’ 

Ellen asked what the couple was doing as Blake Shelton was back on their Oklahoma ranch. In answer, Gwen offered detailed information on their future plans, including gardening, managing the ranch, and so on. 

Gwen happily answered, ‘He literally texted me an hour ago. He flew home today. We are doing a major – when we do things, we go big. We’re doing major gardening,’ 

The “Hollaback Girl” singer also added, ‘We’re talking about daffodils, we’re talking about tulips. We did all the bulbs, now we’re doing wildflower seeds, now we’re doing xenias. So I sent him home to figure out how to till all the land and dig a well,’ 

Stefani also added that gardening helped Blake and her to become closer- “Seed planting, because it’s such a huge thing in my life. Only to end up in Oklahoma planting seeds… [Planting] the seeds of faith. The seeds of just these wild ideas that I had, that actually came true. Even the one to fall in love with Blake. And it’s so crazy because now I’m going to go there and plant so many flowers and they’re going to bloom. And it’s so exciting and there’s so much relevance between the two things if you think about it.” 

When Ellen asked if Blake had assistants and garden planners with him, Gwen added that her husband preferred to do everything by hand. She added Blake, ‘literally on the tractor turning the dirt for me when I get there.’

Gwen Stefani also admitted that she was the opposite of her husband- ‘I personally like it when people do things for me… a lot. I’m from Anaheim, California and I’m lazy like that, but he actually likes to do it himself.’

Ellen and Gwen Stefani also played the Burning questions round in the show. She proudly answered that her husband is her present obsession, and she is head over heels in love with him. 

blake shelton and gwen stefani

In another question, Gwen answered that her kids were always embarrassed about her antics, and she was trying her best to ensure her kids were happy!

Ending Notes

It seems Gwen Stefani has found her happily ever after with her husband, Blake Shelton. We are also happy that the couple is hitting some serious couple goals together!

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