Blasphemous Announces Sequel Along With New Free Expansion: Wounds of Eventide

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The Game Kitchen, the Spanish indie studio responsible for the celebrated Blasphemous, has made two big announcements as part of the event Gamescom Awesome Indies Show. This has been shared by the IGN medium, confirming both the sequel scheduled for 2023 like a new expansion for the original delivery called Wounds of Eventide, free and with a confirmed release date on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch: September 9, 2021.

New expansion and sequel on the way

Thus, and thanks to the trailer that you can see below, it has been shown for the first time Wounds of Eventide, a new expansion for Blasphemous that will add new content to the successful Sevillian metroidvania by The Game Kitchen. It is a DLC that according to those responsible will be the real one final chapter of the adventure of the Penitent, also available for download completely free of charge. All this from September 9 on the platforms where Blasphemous is available.

On the other hand, at the end of this animated video clip about the new DLC the project to carry out the sequel to Blasphemous, simply through a logo with the year 2023 under it. Still without an announced title and without platforms, we will have to wait to know the first details of this new action adventure and retro-pixelated platforms.

Let’s remember that Blasphemous is one of the Spanish video games most successful of recent times, already surpassing the million players on all its platforms; not in vain, the title has continued to receive improvements, updates and new weighty content such as the DLC called The Stir of Dawn.

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Do not hesitate to consult our Blasphemous original analysis via the link below, as well as our impressions of the expansion The Stir of Dawn, which improved in many ways the already remarkable initial result of Blasphemous.

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