Bleach returns with a special chapter of the manga: date and details

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The manga from Bleach is back in exceptional form. Tite Kubor, author of the unforgettable comic Weekly Shonen Jump, has revealed in number 35 of Shueisha magazine that he will publish a special chapter (one shot) of 73 pages in the combined issue (# 36 and # 37 of the magazine) to be published in Japanese stores next august 10th.

This new episode comes to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the Bleach comic book premiere and will narrate an adventure of Ichigo Kurosaki, although we do not know what it is about at the moment, only that it will show “certain ceremony”. Hopefully everything they have planned for that episode will be kept secret until its premiere day. Fans have received the news with astonishment, as the Bleach manga ended in August 2016 with a total of fifteen years in circulation.

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Bleach, one of the great shonen titans of the 2000s

The anime, however, had 366 episodes (2004 – 2012) and did not conclude all the plot arcs and stories told in the manga. Luckily for fans, a new television adaptation in anime form is currently in production that will cover the Thousand Year Blood War (Volumes 55 to 74), another way of referring to a new anime season that will end what remained of the comic.

The latest recent news of great significance regarding the Bleach universe comes from the hands of Tite Kubo himself, who confirmed last September 2020 that he was working on a “Season 2” as a sequel to his manga. Burn the Witch, which after a one shot will become serial. It is scheduled to appear in Weekly Shonen Jump and is set in the same universe as Bleach.

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Bleach, which began its journey in 2001 in the Weekly Shonen Jump, remained throughout that decade as the great competitor of One Piece (1997) and Naruto (1999) in the pages of the magazine. That success led Kubo’s work to receive all kinds of adaptations to the world of video games, novels and countless merchandising products. The manga can be bought in Spain in its entirety from Panini Comics.

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