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Blinken deletes a tweet stating that the US would support the people of Hong Kong and publishes another one with a softer tone

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken deleted a tweet posted on Sept. 16 stating that his country would stand behind the people of Hong Kong, while accusing Beijing of undermining the long-term political stability of Hong Kong. the city.

“Beijing should allow the voices of all Hong Kong people to be heard. The disqualification of district councilors by the People’s Republic of China only weakens Hong Kong’s long-term political and social stability,” read the deleted tweet. . “We are with the Hong Kong people and we continue to support their human rights and fundamental freedoms, “he concluded.

This message was removed after seven Hong Kong opposition district councilors were disqualified, after the Chinese authorities stated that his oaths of allegiance were invalid.

After deleting the original tweet, Blinken posted a softer-toned message on Friday.

“The disqualification by the People’s Republic of China of seven district councilors in favor of democracy undermines the ability of the Hong Kong people to participate in their government. Governments must serve the people they represent. The decline in representation is against the spirit of the Hong Kong Basic Law “, reza the tweet.

Blinken is one of the US politicians who most frequently criticizes Beijing’s treatment of opposition forces in Hong Kong, for which several users have criticized him for softening his tone.

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