Blizzard veterans found a new studio specializing in strategy games

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Uncapped Games is a new studio made up of former Blizzard Entertainment developers and veterans, people with experience in titles like Starcraft 2, World of Warcraft or the coming Diablo IV. In an interview with GamesIndustry, lead designer David Kim spoke about the company, supported by none other than Tencent, one of the most powerful Chinese companies at the moment. The developer will specialize in real-time strategy games.

“I’ve wanted to try making a new RTS game for a long time, maybe for about a decade,” admits the developer. “I have been contacted by several people and I have spoken with some companies,” he continues. According to their words, if they really intended to pull forward, they should find “the right company and people within a development study ”. They also needed to agree to what they wanted to do.

Support from Tencent subsidiaries

They opted for the Tencent Lightspeed subsidiary and Quantum Studios, which helped them form Uncapped Games along with producer Jason Hughes and chief engineer Zhongshan Zhang, both former employees of Blizzard Entertainment. His vision was in line with that of Jerry Chen, head of Lightspeed. One of the things he said is to focus “on make a great RTS game”, Not to worry about other factors. “The measure of success is having a good game,” emphasizes Kim.

Hugues claims that all the stars were aligned for this to work. “Also it’s great that a company really believes in the team, in the game, in what we are doing ”, he says. “There is a lot of interest in RTS, especially from the CEO. He wants us to make a great title. “

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Kim argues that when designing new intellectual property they will not be constrained by the needs of a sequel to a well-known title. New design possibilities open up that will allow you to “execute” what you want to do in the best possible way. “Real-time strategy games have been in a position where the fundamentals and the basics have not been modernized, so it is difficult to play an RTS. You need hundreds of actions per minute to enjoy a competitive RTS title. “

The intention of Uncapped Games is to “modernize” the product to ensure that any user can access it, without forgetting the professionals. “You don’t need to practice mechanics for a decade, you have to be good at strategy”. And he adds: “We want a real strategy game instead of a title in which the best player is the one who clicks the fastest.”

Uncapped Games has just started its journey officially, but they already have a design idea in mind to develop their first production. Hugues asserts that this concept does not contemplate mere simplification mechanics, but will try to make the entry barrier more diffuse for all players.

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