Blockchain-based gaming cryptocurrency Solana surges 11,000% in two days

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The price of the Star Atlas (ATLAS) token has registered an average increase of 11,000% in two days. The trend continues after reflecting a 12,000% rise after the listing on the FTX cryptocurrency futures exchange on September 2, informs RBC.

The initial cost of the ‘altcoin’ was $ 0.0014, but after the start of operations, the cryptocurrency reached $ 0.17.

Meanwhile, this Saturday, the price of assets hit a record $ 0.2760 at 5:55 AM (GMT). However, in the course of the day there have been several decreases.

Star Atlas is a game based on the ‘play to win’ model and is set in a futuristic science fiction environment in the year 2620. In this universe, three great factions coexist that fight for scarce resources and power: humanity, a consortium of alien races and a race of sentient androids. The developers of the space adventure game promise cinematic-quality visuals.

The internal ATLAS token is used as a transaction medium to buy and sell NFT tokens. Thanks to the system, players can extract virtual winnings and turn them into income in the real world.

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