Bloodborne: a mod allows us to see the face of Vicaria Amelia just before transforming

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Bloodborne came to PS4 exclusively more than six years ago, it is one of the most acclaimed titles in the console catalog and, of course, modders continue to do their thing with it. On this occasion, it has been Lance McDonald, who has repeatedly investigated the bowels of the title, who has touched what is necessary to put an end to one of the mysteries of the game: the face of Vicar Amelia, the character that we find in one of the initial areas and that transforms into a beast just before starting the battle. Enjoy its peculiar appearance in the video that we leave you below.

Bloodborne: From Software’s Darkest Gem

With Hidetaka Miyazaki At the helm, the popular Japanese studio designed a darker than usual experience, set in the lands of Yharnam and tinged with the cosmic horror characteristic of the work of H. P. Lovecraft. With a proposal close to Demon’s Suls and Dark Souls, the title debuted on PS4 – the only platform on which it was released – back in 2015, and recently we told you that the project managed to exceed Sony’s revenue and profit targets.

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In the analysis that we published in MeriStation at the time, Bloodborne obtained a rating of 9.3 out of 10 and our conclusions were the following: “offensive, agile and demanding. A different way of following the path set by Demon’s Souls in which the action takes the total and absolute reins to create an intense, difficult and satisfying game ”.

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Bloodborne lies available on PS4, it is backwards compatible with PS5 (no technical improvements) and can also be played through the PlayStation Now service.

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