Bloodborne: fan-created PSX graphics demake shows 10 minutes of gameplay

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Bloodborne is one of the most beloved games of the past generation, and you already know how fans of the family of titles created by From Software. A few months ago we told you about a demake of the Yharnam adventure or what is the same, a project focused on significantly reduce the graphics of a title to make it pass as an experience according to old consoles. The author, Lilith Walther, has continued to lead it, to the point that we can already enjoy the beginning of the game and its first minutes of gameplay.

In the video that we leave you below, you can see how the game would look if it ran on a PSX; the character editor, Iosefka’s Clinic, the first confrontation with an enemy and even the initial visit to the Hunter’s Dream, the place that serves as a link and where we can interact with the Doll and the Messengers, among other actions . Enjoy it.

Bloodborne: one of the most loved in the community

Released in 2015 as one of the first major PS4 titles, the adventure directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki It was a bit unchecked from what was seen in Demon’s Souls and the two Dark Souls installments that we had seen to date. The commitment to a much more aggressive combat system, a most lovecraftian theme and the inclusion of optional dungeons designed to cooperate with other players resulted in a title derived from the main franchise, which today ranks among the favorites of the community.

Bloodborne lies available on PS4, it is compatible with PS5 and is included in the PS Plus Collection catalog.

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