Bloodborne would look like this on PSX: the fan project is still running and will be free

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Cyberpunk 2077, Resident Evil Village, The Last of Us Part 2 … there are many contemporary titles that have been reimagined as games from the first PlayStation, with all their pointed pixels intact. At a time when there is constant talk of a hypothetical remastering of Boodborne for PS5, the fan project that will try to reproduce all the benefits of the game with the psx graphics keep going. And a new video has been shown!

Developer Litith Walther has used Unreal Engine 4 to bring all the challenging action of Bloodborne into a graphic style similar to that of PlayStation games. The new footage shows how the player faces Father Gascoigne, one of the video game’s final bosses. It also features cinematics and musical pieces that reproduce the retro style. In fact, the soundtrack has been produced on a Roland SC-88 for added authenticity.

Will be released as a free game

As published by Eurogamer, unlike other similar projects, which are designed exclusively as video, this time the idea is for the title to come out as a free game when the work is done. The question is whether the focus given by the media whether or not it will end up getting Sony’s attention. In the end, all companies are jealous of their intellectual properties, which is why many of these cases tend to end in a claim of rights that buries the projects once and for all.

Just a few weeks ago, the media echoed a complete remake of the maps of GoldenEye 007 en Far Cry 5. MGM, the company that owns the James Bond rights, demanded that Ubisoft remove the content, despite the fact that its creator had used the official tools and resources provided by the French company. Be that as it may, the maps are no longer available from this moment.

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