Blue Beetle: Will Ted Kord say present? The villains would be The Reach

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It has long been planned to do something with Blue Beetle. At first it was planned to make a film together with Booster Gold, something similar to the publication that both have in graphic novels. Those plans were thwarted, but now we can confirm that Blue Beetle will arrive on the streaming platform HBO Max and will be personified by Xolo Maridueña In the role of Jaime Reyes.

There is not much more solid information regarding this project, but rumors have now emerged on the web about this film that many fans of the DC Extended Universe they are waiting. Of course, it is about a Latin superhero who at some point could cross his path with the members of the League of Justice. Impressive!

Blue Beetle movie rumors

What do these rumors say? There seem to be two Blue Beetles in the movie: Jaime Reyes and Ted Kord. The second would serve as a mentor for young Jaime. Something similar to what happens in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Hank Pym y Scott Lang on Ant-Man. In graphic novels, Ted Kord, an active member of the League of Justice, is killed by Maxwell Lord. The latter is the villain of Wonder Woman 1984 at DCEU.

More information? The identities of the villains of this entry would also be exposed. HBO Max. The antagonists would be The Reach, a group of cybernetic aliens closely related to the creation of the biological armor Blue Beetle. They actively appeared in the popular animated series Young Justice.

The film will be directed by Angel Manuel Soto with script of Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer. The details of the plot of this story remain locked. Warner hopes to capture Latino markets with this project that will surely live up to the films presented at the DC Extended Universe.

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