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Blue dollar today: how much it is trading at this Wednesday, October 27

The blue dollar quote this Wednesday, October 27 at $ 193 to purchase and $ 196 for sale in the Buenos Aires City. The North American banknote in the informal market rose two pesos the day before and set a new nominal record. Consequently, the gap with the wholesale ticket, which is negotiated at $ 99.56, it was located at 96,87%.

The ticket came from mark your high of the year e equal its previous historical record, of $ 195 in nominal terms, reached on October 23, 2020. During the past week, it climbed almost 10 pesos and all the attention returned to focus on the parallel market.

For his part, official dollar remains at $ 98.75 for the purchase and $104,75 for sale on the screens of the Bank from Nation Argentina (BNA), unchanged from the previous close.

The price of the blue dollar in the last 30 days

So far from October, the dollar blue suma $ 10. In the year, accumulate a hike of $30 or 18%, well below the estimated inflation for the same period (around 40%).

During September, The informal dollar rose 2.5% or $ 4.50. In August, it registered its smallest increase since last March, adding just $ 1.50 for the entire month. The dollar blue touched its minimum on April last, when it was listed on $139. From that moment, with different intensity, it climbed to current levels and traders predict that it will be above $ 200 in the next few days.

Since June, the Government has appealed to several restrictions to contain financial dollars (counted with liquidation and MEP or Stock Exchange), which influence the behavior of the blue market, and thus contain a transfer to prices in the previous election.

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