Blue Lock Episode 23 Release Date, Time, Spoilers & More – Will It Be The End Of This Arc?

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Blue Lock episode 23

The anime world is rapidly growing its audience base with every new series and movie coming out. Apart from the cult classic anime series, the fans are also leaning toward the new ones. The latest series like Blue Lock has simply manifested the fans and they are going crazy after it. Blue Lock has stunned the audience with its incredible action sequences, unbelievable animations, and crazy character developments. Each character in the series has their own unique personality and backstory that have simply impressed the audience. Given the incredible popularity of the series, it’s pretty obvious that the fans are craving for more. They are eagerly counting on the release of Blue Lock episode 23. So, when is the new episode dropping? Here is everything we know so far. 

What Is Blue Lock All About?

Blue Lock is one of the currently trending anime series which is picked out of the oh-so-popular manga series curated by none other than Muneyuki Kaneshiro. Blue Lock is an exciting sports anime that will appeal to soccer and competitiveness aficionados.

The plot revolves around Yoichi Isagi, a talented high school soccer player scouted by a unique program called Blue Lock. Yoichi is one of 300 players chosen to participate in the program, which hunts for the best striker for the national team.

The participants are separated into ten teams and compete in a series of matches. The aim is to score the most goals and to grab the crown of the top striker. The competition, though, is tough, and the players must learn to climb each step of the ladder as a team while simultaneously polishing their individual abilities. 

The anime officially debuted worldwide back in October 2022 and as per the reports, it will run and entertain the audience for at least six months. The good news is the fans are much into the story as Blue Lock episode 22 has already dropped and now it’s turn for the next episode. So, when is Blue Lock Episode 23 coming out? Here is everything you need to know about the new episode. 

Blue Lock Episode 23 Release Date & Time 

All Blue Lock fans, the wait is finally getting over as the new and much-waited episode 23 of the show is ready to debut on March 19th, 2023. Curious to know about the timings of the release? Here is the complete list – 

March 19, 2023 (01:30 hrs) – Japanese Standard Time 

March 18, 2023 (09:30 hrs) – Pacific Time 

March 18, 2023 (11:30 hrs) – Central Time 

March 18, 2023 (12:30 hrs) – Eastern Time 

March 18, 2023 (22:00 hrs) – Indian Standard Time 

March 19, 2023 (03:30 hrs) – Australian Standard Time 

Where To Watch Blue Lock Episode 23 Online?

Now that you have all the details about the Blue Lock episode 23 release date and time, you may be wondering where to watch the new season—no need to worry as we have covered all details here. 

Blue Lock episode 23 will be debuting on Crunchyroll and Ai-One Asia’s YouTube channel. So, you can select all of the two ways to watch Blue Lock episode 23. 

Blue Lock Episode 23 Preview 

With Blue Lock episode 23 knocking at the doors, the fans are eager to get some crazy spoilers. So, we won’t disappoint you. As per the leaks, the new episode will start featuring the last few minutes of the game and then we will get to a result. After that, there are two possibilities that can twist the story. Yoichi may grab the winning crown and pick someone from the opponent team to move to the next round holding his hands. However, the other possibility is he may end up losing and Rin’s team will taste the sweetness of victory. But, Rin’s team will eventually pick him as the best player of his team. 

Blue Lock episode 23 will surely be jam-packed with some series thrill and drama as it may lead to the end of this arc as well as the incredible match. If we talk about the new episode, it will be insane to see how the creators justify the selection of Bachira over Rin as Rin must always be the first pick if we think rationally. 

Make sure to stay tuned as we will be delivering you regular updates and leaks on the upcoming episodes of Blue Lock. Happy watching!! 

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