Bluepoint Games (Demon’s Souls Remake) se une a PlayStation Studios

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PlayStation Studios adds a new studio to its portfolio: Bluepoint Games. The creators of remake de Demon’s Souls y Shadow of the Colossus They join the group after having a long history of projects with them. Also, they are currently working on “original content” for their next game.

A relationship forged over the years

Marco Thrush, president of Bluepoint Games, ensures that the team “Is excited” for making his joining the PlayStation family official: “PlayStation has such an iconic video game catalog that for us there is nothing better than bringing back some masterpieces to new players. Being part of PlayStation Studios allows our team to raise the bar even further and create even more impactful experiences for the PlayStation community. “

Speaking to IGN, Thrush himself gave a glimpse of what’s to come in the future: “Our next project, we’re working on original content right now. We can’t talk about what it is, but that’s the next step in our evolution. ” They work on remasters and remakes it was “a test” to be able to know what his internal bar was and to be able to “push harder” towards that next step. So far it is unknown if that “original content” refers to a new IP, a remake or a reboot. In any case, your next job will have the team’s stamp even more ingrained.

After acquiring Firesprite, Nixxes and Housemarque, the news from Bluepoint the search for new assets will not stop. Hermen Hulst, head of PlayStation Studios, makes it clear that they are always willing “to build new relationships or bring people into the team”, but “only if they adhere to the ‘quality comes first’ mentality and the right character for creating content. innovative, new and diverse experiences ”.

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