Bobby Lee and Khalyla Kuhn Remain Friends After Breakup

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TigerBelly podcast co-hosts Bobby Lee And Khalyla Kuhn had a truly sad breakup, and they have been able to move forward while remaining pals.

After starring in Mad TV, Bobby Lee became famous for his podcast TigerBelly which he co-hosts with his now ex-girlfriend Khalyla Kuhn. Lee and Kuhn’s breakup shocked fans who love their banter and dynamic on TigerBelly. But sometimes things just aren’t meant to be, and the two have continued working together since sharing the tough news in July 2022.

It’s always emotional to end a relationship. When a former couple still sees each other all the time because of their jobs, it seems important to stay friends. But in some cases, that is easier said than done, and all the heavy emotions of the breakup can make keeping in touch difficult. How have Khalyla Kuhn and Bobby Lee been able to stay pals? And what have they said about their breakup?

People said Khalyla Kuhn used Bobby Lee, which is sad to hear since the two seem to have genuinely loved each other.

It seems that Kuhn and Lee have remained friends because they like co-hosting the TigerBelly podcast together. In order to continue their working relationship, they would have to stay polite and civil. They seem to still care about each other.

When a couple splits up because of a horrible reason, like one person cheating or making a decision that really hurts the other one, it wouldn’t make sense to stay friends. Since the former couple has made it clear that they still think highly of one another, it’s hard to think that anything really negative happened between them.

From what Lee and Kuhn said on their podcast, it sounds like they grew apart and lost the romance. But they never stopped caring about each other and appreciating the podcast business that they have grown together. And almost a year after their breakup, they seem to still be good friends who wouldn’t dream of cutting each other out of their lives. While their split sounds hard, Lee and Kuhn approached it in a mature and friendly way.

When fans discussed the breakup in a Reddit thread, one fan wrote that Lee and Kuhn have definitely maintained a strong friendship since splitting up.” The fan said, “They’re still really good friends and they’re still doing their podcast and touring.”

Kuhn and Lee discussed their split in episode 355 of TigerBelly called “Bobby & Khalyla Break Up.” This is a hard episode to listen to because they are very vulnerable.

After about an hour of chatting, Lee said, “We want to talk about something that’s a little uncomfortable for me.” He continued, “I just wanted to announce to everybody that Khalyla and I are no longer together… I want to say that Khalyla is the love of my life, my best friend.”

Lee said, “She changed my life in so many different ways. She reinvented who I was.”

Lee said that he was “a caretaker” and “extremely worried” about Kuhn because she began dealing with a heart condition. He said that it was tough to keep the spark alive after that and then he started thinking about different women. He was honest about how he felt during the relationship and said that he gave “false promises” and tried talking to a therapist.

After they explained that they had broken up, many TigerBelly fans posted in several Reddit threads that they weren’t sure if the podcast would keep going. Thankfully for the fans, they have remained committed to releasing new episodes.

Because Lee explained in the TigerBelly podcast that he and Kuhn have been “best friends” and “family” for a long time, it seems that they are determined to stay friends.

Lee definitely changed his career after he started co-hosting TigerBelly with Kuhn. While he still acts, he has become more of a podcast host in recent years. Before the podcast, he starred in movies like Pineapple Express, Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle, and A Very Harold & Kumar 3DChristmas. Lee has continued to get various TV roles, including Jackie Nee on the HBO revival And Just Like That… But fans definitely see him mostly as someone who makes them laugh weekly on TigerBelly.

Bobby Lee mentioned on the podcast that it was tough for his brother to tell him that he thought that Kuhn was a “golddigger.” He explained that when they started getting to know each other he didn’t have money in the bank and he appreciates how she has inspired him.

Since Kuhn said “this podcast changed my life,” it’s clear that she also wants to stay in Lee’s life. The two sounded very emotional while discussing their split and Kuhn cried a few times.

Khalyla Kuhn and Bobby Lee have been putting out new TigerBelly episodes since they mentioned their breakup in July 2022. However, there have been some recent problems.

Bobby Lee is involved in a lawsuit that started in May 2023 because of his contract with Wondery. According to Yahoo!, Lee and Wondery had negotiated a 39-month contract that started in December 2022. It would allow Lee and Kuhn to continue to make TigerBelly. The lawsuit explained that the company was “under pressure to cut expenses and roll back its financial commitment.”

Yahoo! reported that Wondery said that the contract had a “morals clause” and that the company was upset with something that Lee said on the podcast back in 2013. He then explained that an experience that he recounted on TigerBelly wasn’t actually true at all and this was all “for shock value.” Lee says that there wasn’t a “morals clause.”

It’s unclear how this will play out. But fans hope that Khalyla Kuhn and Bobby Lee continue to co-host TigerBelly together. And since they haven’t let their breakup affect their platonic bond, it seems that they will be able to keep working together.

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