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Body Language Expert Reveals Caitlin Clark’s True Relationship Priorities

Body Language Expert Reveals Caitlin Clark’s True Relationship Priorities

With Caitlin Clark, there’s a time for work and a time for play — even when she’s with her boyfriend Connor McCaffery. A clip shared on TikTok showed the Indiana Pacers’ assistant helping the Indiana Fever player practice her game, and it was all business between them. Nicole Moore shared with Nicki Swift, “It’s clear that although Caitlin loves her boyfriend, she doesn’t put him above her career. As Connor helps Caitlin practice basketball, he does so in a businesslike manner with no signs of flirting or intimacy.” While watching the clip, you wouldn’t know that Clark and McCaffery are in a relationship, which indicates the two know when it’s time to put their personal feelings aside and respect Clark’s practice time,” Moore stated.

The celebrity love coach also noted, “Caitlin points instructions to her boyfriend in a very no-nonsense way, indicating that when she’s playing basketball, she’s really focused on the game and not on her relationship with her boyfriend.”

When looking at Clark’s body language with McCaffery as a whole, Moore believes they’re both clearly in love, but the WNBA star isn’t letting her relationship define her. She shared, “From their body language, it appears that this couple is okay with Caitlin putting her career first and the relationship second perhaps because they are so secure in the strong connection that they have.” If fans are looking for couple goals, Clark and McCaffery are definitely it.

Source: Nicki Swift