Boeing raises its forecast for aircraft demand due to pandemic recovery

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Boeing raises its forecast for aircraft demand due to pandemic recovery

Por Eric M. Johnson y Tim Hepher

Sep 14 (Reuters) – Boeing revised its long-term demand forecasts on Tuesday as the rebound in commercial air travel in domestic markets such as the United States dampened gloomier industry predictions seen at the height of the coronavirus lockdowns last year.

This more rosy view supports the aerospace giant’s maneuvers to prepare for growing demand for travel and military services, even as its own ability to respond to the best outlook continues to be hampered by industrial delays and the lingering 737 MAX crisis.

The US aircraft manufacturer, which dominates aircraft sales alongside Europe’s Airbus, expects 43,610 commercial aircraft deliveries in the next 20 years worth $ 7.2 trillion, an increase of 500 units compared to sales. 43,110 projected a year ago.

In a shorter 10-year perspective, which is more sensitive to the serious consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic for airlines, Boeing is forecasting 19,330 deliveries, up from last year’s forecast of 18,350.

The 10-year projection is 6% below the forecast it published in 2019, but the drop from pre-crisis levels has narrowed from 11% a year ago.

“One of the strongest reasons for confidence is how quickly we’ve seen a rebound in domestic travel in the last 12 months,” Boeing Chief Strategy Officer Marc Allen told reporters.

Boeing sees domestic flights reaching pre-crisis levels in 2022, followed by regional traffic in 2023 and international in 2024.

The demand for airplanes is considered an indicator of the economy in general. Boeing has raised its forecast for average annual economic growth to 2.7% from 2.5% last year.

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