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Bold Music Picks for Floating Adventures in Montana

Bold Music Picks for Floating Adventures in Montana

My passion for music is one of the reasons I got into radio decades ago. Music is everywhere in my life, from my job to my hobby. It’s a rare occasion when I am not listening to some form of music. While I love music and listen to it almost constantly, there’s one exception: floating down the river on a tube. Without a raft, bringing speakers isn’t an option.

I floated the river for the first time this past weekend and noticed how much music was being played during the float. It was coming from all kinds of waterproof, Bluetooth speakers. There was also all kinds of different music being played. I heard rock, hip-hop, pop, Classic Rock, and country.

All the music being played started a conversation about whether listening to music while floating should happen or not. So we put it to our listeners if they listen to music while floating and if they do, what music do they listen to? A majority of people like to listen to music while floating.

Here are some of the answers:

Bill: I’ve floated with Floyd, hovered with Heart, slid with Santana and even tried to dance with Dylan, unfortunately never in Montana.

John: I have been listening to local musician Jaden Decker’s new song “Thrown To The Wolves”.

Megan: Dirty Heads, Sublime, Stick Figure, Shwayze, Pepper.

Leah: Try “Floating” by Tropidelic, Iration and The Elovaters

Dustin: Tripliciti

Different kinds of music for different kinds of floaters. If you plan on floating in Montana this season don’t be surprised if you hear music along the water. You may even hear some live music.

One type of music I have yet to hear while floating in Montana is bagpipe music. Maybe next time I ride on a raft some lucky floaters will get a Scottish serenade. Until then, be safe on Montana’s waters.

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