Bolsonaro calls Sergio Moro a “clown” and calls him a “liar” in the race to unseat his presidential candidacy

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro launched his arsenal of insults against his rival for right-wing votes in Brazil: former Justice Minister Sergio Moro. In a live broadcast, the president treated the former member of his cabinet as a liar and coward.

“This guy is blatantly lying. He is a guy who wants to be a candidate, he has the right, so instead of demonstrating what he has done, simply point the finger at others and lie. This is the case of Sergio Moro”, said the far right on Thursday.

Bolsonaro thus responded to Moro’s comments that same day during the presentation of his book ‘Against the Corruption System’, in Curitiba, Paraná state. In the book, the former judge says that the president celebrated the release from prison of leftist Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva because it supposedly benefited him politically.

In addition, in the presentation of the copy, Moro assured that the Bolsonaro government is “based on lies.” “Whoever did something well was fired,” he said, addressing the audience.

Campaign dyes

“Lack of character. It’s the least I can say about that guy. He has the right to run and the people will know whether or not he deserves the vote. But campaigning on a lie? He learned fast from the old politics, Eh? “, Said Bolsonaro, who called Moro, one of the key elements in Lula’s imprisonment, as a” clown. “

In April 2020, Moro resigned from the Justice portfolio but not before accusing the president of interfering in the Federal Police to protect your close circle.

And he continued: “He wants to be a candidate, it is his right, now he is attacking saying that on November 8, 2019 [fecha en la que Lula salió de la cárcel] I celebrated (…) For God’s sake, man! Lack of character! !Left the government by the back door, betraying us! “, he asserted.

Moro recently returned to the media arena by joining the right-wing Podemos party to most likely participate in the next presidential elections, where he will face his two main political enemies: Bolsonaro and Lula. None of the three have confirmed their candidacies, but their public events already have clear campaign overtones.

Police interference

The former judge assumed the position of Minister of Justice at the beginning of Bolsonaro’s government and became one of its star ministers. However, in April 2020 he resigned from the Justice portfolio but not before accuse the president of interfering in the Federal Police to protect your close circle.

Some accusations for which the extreme right is investigated and for which he has come to personally testify before the Federal Police.

During his time as Minister of Justice, The Intercept Brasil portal broadcast a series of conversations that showed that Moro acted with partiality in the conviction against Lula who interfered in Bolsonaro’s election.

Finally, the veteran leftist leader regained his political rights in March after the Supreme Federal Court of Brazil (STF) abort all processes for which he was sentenced, and was qualified to participate in presidential elections.

According to the press, that appointment to the presidents of some of the main political parties, Moro has a good chance in the coming months of surpassing Bolsonaro, who registers his worst popularity ratings, in voting intention polls.

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