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Bolsonaro presents a new initiative to shield content on social networks

Brasilia, Sep 19 (EFE) .- Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro sent Congress a new initiative to shield content on social networks and prevent its “arbitrary” removal, days after the Supreme Court overthrew a similar decree due to its unconstitutionality , the Government reported this Sunday.

This was announced by the Secretariat of Social Communication of the Presidency in a series of messages published on its Twitter profile, in which it stated that the new measure “guarantees the rights of Brazilians” on the networks.

The Government recognized that the project “goes along the same lines” as the decree that Bolsonaro, investigated in court for the dissemination of hoaxes, issued on the eve of the protests on September 7, in which many of his supporters demanded a “military intervention” and the “dissolution” of Parliament and the Supreme Court.

The text modified the so-called “Civil Framework of the Internet” and in practice made it difficult to combat misinformation and limited the power of social networks to exclude, suspend or block profiles and messages that violated their use policies.

The measure was widely rejected by specialists in the area, the most diverse political sectors and even by the Attorney General’s Office, and a few days after its publication it was suspended on a precautionary basis by Supreme Court judge Rosa Weber.

The president of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco, followed the same path and rejected the decree because he considered that it generated “legal uncertainty.”

Bolsonaro has seen on several occasions how they have blocked some content published on his social networks, especially those related to the coronavirus pandemic, whose severity he denies, and the electronic electoral system, which he claims without evidence that it encourages “fraud.”

In this context, the Government now seeks to resuscitate the matter with the presentation of a specific bill with which it seeks that social networks are obliged to “present a just cause to exclude and eliminate content and users.”

“The measure barely fights arbitrariness and unjustified and dubious exclusions that threaten Brazilians and their freedoms,” said the Ministry of Communication.

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