Bolsonaro responds to criticism for his weapons speech: “When they go to attack their houses, throw them with beans”

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The president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, once again defended this Friday the free sale of weapons for personal use and challenged people to “defend yourself with beans” when “they are going to attack your houses”, in response to opposition criticism of its arms position in times of economic crisis, the local media reported sheet.

“The left says that people don’t eat guns, that people eat beans. So, when someone invades your house, you shoot them with beans “, the right-wing president ironized from the Alvorada Palace, the Government House, in Brasilia.

Bolsonaro also asserted that violence is less in places where the population has more weapons, although he did not provide any statistical data to support his statement. And he spoke out against the position of former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, candidate of the Workers’ Party (PT) to succeed him in 2022.

“Lula has just said that he is going to disarm the people. The more guns, the less violence“, he claimed.

In late August, Bolsonaro said that everyone should have a rifle and that only “idiots” advocate prioritizing the purchase of beans.

“Everybody has to buy a rifle, man. Armed people will never be enslaved. I know it costs a lot. Then there is an idiot who says ‘oh, you have to buy beans’. Man, if you don’t want to buy a rifle, don’t piss off anyone who wants to buy it, “he said at the time.

According to data from Sinarm, the Brazilian Federal Police’s weapons registration system, between 2017 and 2019 -when the former Army captain came to power- the number of registered weapons rose from 638,000 to just over a million, reaching the 1.2 million mark in 2020.

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The right-wing leader has issued several decrees that eliminate restrictions on the sale of weapons, authorize the commercialization of some that were previously for the exclusive use of the military and allow take them on the streets.

This policy was questioned this Friday by 11 former ministers and secretaries of Human Rights during the administrations of Fernando Henrique Cardoso (1995-2002), Lula da Silva (2003-2010) and Dilma Rousseff (2011-2016).

“The Government insists on adopting measures that facilitate access to arms and ammunition by diverse groups, some of which, such as the so-called ‘militias’, have illicit purposes,” warned the document presented by the Institute for Advanced Studies of the University of Sao Paulo.

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