Bomb: photos confirm romance between Zendaya and Tom Holland

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The bomb of the day! After years full of rumors of an affair between Zendaya and Tom Holland, the long-awaited day came where the tests arrived. The artists were seen together in a car, having a great time and kissing. The images quickly went viral and confirmed the romantic relationship between Hollywood stars. Look at the photos!

Since they became the protagonists of the new version of Spider-Man, their protagonists they were involved in versions that spoke of something more than a simple friendship. Although the actors never confirmed that the relationship has gone beyond, the documents obtained this Friday say the opposite.

The images were distributed by Page Six, the same medium that revealed the reconciliation between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, where the two interpreters are seen kissing in a car. The news went around the world and already shocked Spider-Man fans. Do not miss the photos!

(Page Six)

(Page Six)

(Page Six)

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