“Bonnie Bears: The Wild Life”: This November 4 the new animated film is released | VIDEO – MAG.

"Bonnie Bears: The Wild Life": This November 4 the new animated film is released |  VIDEO - MAG.

“Bonnie Bears: Wild Life,” the Chinese animated fantasy comedy film, which is the seventh feature film in the “Boonie Bears” series, will finally hit theaters across the country this Thursday, November 4 for family enjoyment. .

Tape, whose premiere was originally planned for January 25, 2020 and was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, begins when a new theme park called “Wild Land” opens, where guests can wear bracelets that alter genes to transform into all kinds of animals.

Vick finds out that this place is running a contest with a prize of US $ 1 million and decides to enter. He, Bramble, and a mysterious man named Leon work together and win the contest.

Soon after, the park’s owner, Tom, catches Leon trying to secretly copy the park’s data, and Vick discovers that hybrid hosts are causing trouble and attacking others

The story is based on the essence of happiness and how happiness influences human behavior. The directors expressed their hope that both children and adults who watch the film will think about the question of what happiness is.

“Bonnie Bears: The Wild Life” It is the first Chinese animated film in which humans transform into other animals. the perfect plan to enjoy with the family from this Thursday, November 4.

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