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Bono’s Great Song That More U2 Fans Should Discover

Bono, U2’s legendary frontman, has penned numerous timeless tracks, including “With or Without You” and “One.” Yet, one of his solo gems emerges in the Sean Penn documentary “Citizen Penn.” The song, titled “Eden (To Find Love),” was co-written with Linda Perry.

“Eden (To Find Love)” mirrors the essence of many U2 classics, evolving slowly yet powerfully. Bono’s vocal performance is distinct, weaving in various aphorisms reminiscent of “The Fly.” He starts with a whisper, delivering the first verse softly. His vocal range in this track leans towards his lower register, akin to “Book of Your Heart” and U2’s rendition of “Get It On (Bang a Gong).”

In the opening verse, Bono softly murmurs: “Is part of the attraction, that you wanna be destroyed? / I’m the spirit on the water, you are the formless void / When I heard your voice at first I was annoyed / You woke me.”

Despite being 64, Bono’s vocal prowess remains as strong as ever. In “Eeden (To Find Love),” he showcases restraint, a testament to his evolving maturity as a singer. This isn’t a one-off; he has displayed his deeper singing voice in recent U2 albums. Tracks like “Book of Your Heart” and “Get It On (Bang a Gong)” serve as prime examples.

The album “Songs of Surrender” presents 40 re-recorded tracks from U2’s extensive catalog. Opinions might differ on the album’s execution, but some songs indeed highlight Bono’s strengths. Tunes like “All I Want Is You,” “With or Without You,” and “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” underscore his vocal excellence.

There’s an intriguing connection in “Eden (To Find Love)” with one of U2’s songs. Early in the track, Bono sings, “It was Adam not Eve that threw God out of the garden,” putting a witty twist on the biblical tale. Fast forward a couple of years, and U2’s “Songs of Surrender” offers a reimagined version of “Beautiful Day,” featuring new lyrics mid-song. Here, Bono sings, “I saw Adam asking Eve for a pardon / It wasn’t a woman that threw God out of the garden.” Whether this was intentional or coincidental remains unclear, but the link is amusing.

As the song unfolds, it builds to an exhilarating crescendo. While Bono starts with hushed verses, he shifts to a powerful belting towards the end. Sung alongside backing vocals, possibly by Perry, the climax is reminiscent of tracks like “Even Better Than the Real Thing.” Bono recites a few final aphorisms: “Your eyes will find the silence / Inside the hurricane / You know you must do something other than complain.”

The song wraps up with Bono singing “To find love” in falsetto, a vocal feat he hasn’t achieved since “Lemon.” He revisits this falsetto style again in “Songs of Surrender.”

“Eden (To Find Love)” might not be a quintessential U2 track; it leans more towards a solo Bono performance. However, it carries the DNA of a classic U2 song, peppered with playful irony. Hearing U2 perform this live would be a dream come true, but for now, it remains a beautiful standalone piece in Bono’s repertoire.

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