Bonus 700: who will receive the new subsidy to be delivered by the Government

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As announced in his first message to the nation, the government of the president Pedro Castillo will perform “a immediate transfer of financial support of S / 700 to each vulnerable family ” affected by COVID-19.

Along the same lines, Pedro Francke, head of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) has also pointed out that the new financial aid in which they have been working will serve to support the most needy families and affected by the negative impact of the pandemic and the temporary rise in prices.

Taking into account – as both authorities have said – that the Delivery of the 700 Bond aims to alleviate the economy of vulnerable families affected by the pandemicDespite the fact that details have not yet been given of how this new economic aid will be distributed and focused, how will it be targeted and what criteria will prevail to select the beneficiaries?

In principle, to select the beneficiary households of the 700 Bond, your situation of poverty or extreme poverty will be taken into accountTherefore, the Household Targeting System (Sisfoh) would be used.

The Sisfoh helps to identify people or population groups living in poverty, vulnerability or exclusion, through a socioeconomic classification (CSE) that makes the citizens. The CSE is the welfare measure assigned to a household, it is valid for three years and classifies households as: not poor, poor and extreme poor.

To establish this classification, Sisfoh manages the information of the General Household Register (PGH), which contains socioeconomic information on people so that the social programs and subsidies of the State identify who are part of the prioritized population groups and can access them.

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For this reason, the Sisfoh CSE is one of the requirements to access some social programs and State subsidies such as Juntos, Beca 18, Trabaja Perú, SIS Gratuito, FISE, pension for severe disability or the protection bonus of homes vulnerable to seismic risks from MiVivienda.

Precisely, for the delivery of the previous subsidies established to face the pandemic, it was considered, for example, that the beneficiary households are affiliated to the Juntos program, that they have a member as a user of the Pension 65 or Contigo programs, that no member of the household is registered in the public and / or private payroll (except for pensioners and practitioners), or that no member of the household has an income greater than S / 3,000.

Like the economic subsidies provided by the previous authorities, the 700 Bond will be a direct transfer that the government will assign to households in vulnerable situations in all regions and provinces of the country.

To begin with, as was done with the Universal Family Bond, 600 Bond, Independent Bond and Rural Bond, the Pedro Castillo government must approve the budget with the resources it will allocate to cover this subsidy, whose transfer, distribution and payment depend on the MEF and the Ministry of Development and Inclusion (Midis).

But, because – as Minister Francke has assured – the details of the new economic aid that the government is enlisting are still being worked on, the exact date on which the payment of this new bond will begin cannot be determined. .

If the same payment methods that were enabled to make the payment of the 600 Bond effective are taken as a basis, these same payment channels could serve so that this new bond reaches the beneficiary households.

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