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Booboo Stewart on Why He Cut His Long Hair: 'Wanted a Change'

Booboo Stewart on Why He Cut His Long Hair: ‘Wanted a Change’

Booboo Stewart recently opened up about the significant change he made to his appearance by cutting his long hair. The “Good Trouble” star discussed his decision to adopt a buzz cut on the latest episode of the “Ned’s Declassified Podcast Survival Guide.”

Stewart, 30, revealed that he had maintained long hair for much of his life. “I just had long hair for such a long time. Literally. It had to go,” he shared, explaining that his father used to cut his and his sisters’ bangs when they were children.

According to Stewart, his long hair had become a huge part of his identity in the eyes of others. “When they thought of me, they’re like, ‘Oh, the hair.’ You know? Like, ‘He has long hair. He’s got long hair.’” He noted that he wanted to make a change. “I just was not feeling like that anymore. And I had finished the TV show I was on, [and] I was like, ‘OK. No more obligations.’ And, I shaved it.”

Despite having cut his hair short several times throughout his life, including during his school years when he was teased for looking like a girl and for his role in the “Twilight” movies, his hair always grew long again. This time, however, Stewart seems satisfied with the outcome. “It feels so good,” he said. “Yeah, I love it.”

Podcast host Daniel Curtis Lee, who had previously cut his own hair but kept the locks, asked Stewart if he also kept his. The actor admitted that he did. “I still have it,” he disclosed. When asked what he did with the extra hair, Stewart joked, “I pray to it … no, I don’t do that.” He clarified that he keeps the locks in a drawer in his bathroom.

Stewart originally showcased his new look on Instagram. He posted a photo where he posed with his arms crossed in front of a window, the light catching the side of his head. The reaction from fans was mixed, as his comment section quickly filled with both approval and surprise at his transformation.

One fan commented, “The way my mouth opened … I remain in denial even though it suits him very well.” Another added, “That was a plot twist and a half, looks insanely cool tho.”

Source: People