Boost Your Design Game with Canva’s AI Tools for Improved Results

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Canva: The Ultimate Tool for Creating Your Brand

The internet has provided numerous options for creating one’s own brand for both individuals and companies. One of the most popular tools for this purpose is Canva, which has been active for ten years and is continuously improving with new tools that incorporate artificial intelligence for better user experience.

Brand Hub: A New Section for Creating Your Brand Image

Maintaining corporate design standards is crucial for brands. Canva is one of the most powerful tools available, allowing creative teams to handle multiple tools with ease. The recent Canva Create event introduced new features to enhance the Visual Worksuite, in particular the addition of the Brand Hub which offers several options to speed up brand creation, including:

  • Brand Kit: An automated function to speed up early phases of logo and icon creation
  • Magic Replace: Uses AI to replace company changes to already created images
  • Folders: An easy way to organize content generated by the team, allowing for faster retrieval of said content
  • Templates: Offers established patterns to follow, ensuring social media content has homogeneous design
  • New Workflow System: Administrators have the option to approve work before it is published
  • Controls: Establishes patterns for everyone, making it easier for creatives to maintain the aesthetics of the brand

Utilizing AI in the Visual Worksuite

Canva allows designers to incorporate artificial intelligence in the design process with features such as Magic Design, which generates designs in the style of the proposed image, and Magic Eraser, which removes unwanted details in a picture. Other notable features include instant text translation and an option for video lovers called Beat Sync, which matches the photos and videos with the sound of the audio track for a more dynamic experience.

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Canva is an excellent tool for creating and maintaining your brand’s corporate image. The new features offered through Brand Hub make it even easier to create, organize and publish content, making sure your brand stands out from the rest.

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