Boris Johnson confessed that he participated in parties during the quarantine and the opposition calls for his resignation

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed on Wednesday that he was briefly at a party in Downing Street Gardens during the lockdown. He said he believed it was a work meeting, and apologized to parliament.

Johnson said he took “responsibility” for the “mistakes” made. While the leader of the opposition, Labor Keir Starmer, crossed him and asked him to resign as his collaborators who broke the health rules against the coronavirus did in the past.

How were the parties of Boris Johnson and his officials during confinement

A Christmas party, a farewell drink, wine and cheese in the sun. Boris Johnson’s government is accused of celebrate a dozen parties in full confinement while forcing the British to drastically reduce their personal contacts due to the coronavirus.

A photo published by the press shows the Prime Minister, his wife Carrie (then his fiancée) and government aides eating cheese and drinking wine in the Downing Street garden.

The country was in the middle of the first confinement and social gatherings were prohibited, but Johnson assured that it was “people at work, talking about work.”

A hundred people are invited, in an email sent by the Prime Minister’s private secretary, Martin Reynolds, to “enjoy the good weather” having a few drinks “with social distance” in the gardens of the official residence.

Then, the British could only legally see a single person, outdoors and in one place public. There are said to have been about 40 attendees, including Boris Johnson and Carrie.

The press speaks of a party with collaborators at Johnson’s official residence. The leader assures that “the rules were complied with at all times.” At the time, the UK was in its second lockdown.

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Despite the lockdown, according to anonymous witnesses quoted by the press, a farewell party was held for a Downing Street employee, during which the Prime Minister made a speech. The meeting would have gathered about 50 people in a room.

The Ministry of Education confirmed that on December 10 they held a party in which some 20 people gathered to have “drinks and canapés”. After the end of the second confinement in England, restrictions were still applied in London that prohibited people from different households from meeting indoors.

Following the publication of a photo in the press, the Conservative Party acknowledged an unauthorized party was being held at its London headquarters, organized by the team of then-London mayoral candidate Shaun Bailey.

He has since resigned as chairman of the London Mayor’s Police and Crime Commission. The Sunday Mirror posts a photo of the prime minister, flanked by two aides, taking part in an online quiz show. Downing Street admitted that the leader had “briefly” taken part in the event, stressing that it was virtual.

The Transport Ministry apologized for an “inappropriate” Christmas party held at its offices. A close Johnson aide has resigned after joking in a viral video about a Christmas party reportedly attended by about 40 people in Downing Street that day.

The prime minister said he was “furious” and had been “repeatedly assured” since the affair began that “there had been no party” and that “no rules” had been broken.

Dominic Cummings, Johnson’s highly influential former adviser and mastermind of the victorious Brexit campaign, admitted in the spring of 2020 that he had broken the rules by traveling with his family in full lockdown, which was prohibited. Last June, the Minister of Health, Matt Hancock, resigned for breaking the rules by having physical relations with a collaborator.

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