Boyfriend Dungeon voice actor lynched for playing the villain

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The voice actor who plays the villain in Boyfriend Dungeon told the actors that the character he plays is fictional and that the person they lynched is actually a real person and they should stop this behavior.

Boyfriend Dungeon, a game where players defeat enemies in dungeons with anthropomorphic weapons, was recently released.

Shortly after Boyfriend Dungeon was released, the game’s content warning was subject to some criticism by players. The criticisms were made not because the content warning did not mention what kind of content Boyfriend Dungeon has, but because it did not warn about how critical the game content is in the later parts of the game.

Developer Kitfox Games said a “more accurate” version of the content warning is on the way, but meanwhile some players have taken to social media to lynch the game’s villain, Eric’s voice actor, Alexander Gross.

Alexander Gross’ statement to Kotaku

To put it briefly, the character of Eric is a manipulative and “stalker” character. The game’s content warning says you may be subject to emotional manipulation, but it doesn’t mention that interacting with Eric is mandatory to complete the game.

KotakuTalked about this lynch with Eric’s voice actor Alexander Gross.

Gross told Kotaku, “I got a message from an actor I didn’t know and actually quoted it on Twitter. The message I got was, ‘It seems like playing a character who does this kind of thing reflects you badly.’ But that confused me a bit, Because as you can imagine, I do this because I love the job, but I don’t approve of what every character I’ve voiced.”

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Since the game’s release, Gross has received numerous hate messages on social media. Gross even asked people to stop sending him hate messages because of Eric, and He tweeted, “Please be respectful”.

Gross said he understands why players in general don’t like Eric. After all, Eric is a villain.

Gross said, “I read the script and I was like, ‘Wow, this guy is absolutely disgusting.’ So I turned him into a combination of every disgusting kid I know. He’s a disgusting character and I tried to reflect that, that’s what it’s all about.”

Wesley LeBlanc is a freelance writer at MRT.

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