Boyfriend pays the rent of the apartment where he lives with his girlfriend for a year without knowing that she is the owner

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Tik Tok I have become the favorite place to find diverse “gossip” of fashion influencers. Jayne is a rising figure in this red social The reason? It has recently become viral By revealing that her boyfriend religiously pays the rent for the house they rent, Apparently there is nothing extraordinary about that, until we know that the owner of this property is herself.

In her most viewed video, the Tiktoker public: “My boyfriend and I have lived here for years, he pays the rent and almost all the bills. But, he does not know that I am the owner of the house and have been for 5 years. So when you pay the rent, you pay it to me. Do you think he will go crazy when he finds out?.

Immediately, the video has already surpassed 3.1 million views on Tik Tok, where the opinion has been divided among the users of this platform.

On the one hand, many criticized this attitude on the part of Jayne, coming to qualify it as “unfair” for not being honest with your partner; Others assured that, in fact, it configures a kind of “cheated”; while some more affirmed that it is “using” To her boyfriend.

From the opposite shore, some people were much more condescending to the Tiktoker justifying that she had every right to be the owner of the apartment and that It is not unreasonable that you receive a monthly payment to, for example, cover the expenses of the mortgage, services, taxes, among others.

In that sense, the tabloide Mirror UK sheds some additional light on this case by revealing that the Jayne’s boyfriend He was the one who offered to pay the rent for the apartment, a proposition that she would have accepted without any inconvenience since, they say, it seemed fair to her.

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The funny thing is that influence “I forget” tell your partner that she was the owner. In this department, the couple have been living together for more than a year.

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