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Brad Pitt Races in First Teaser for F1 Movie by ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Director

Apple Original Films has released an exciting first look at its upcoming movie “F1,” a full year ahead of its planned release. The teaser trailer introduces Brad Pitt in the lead role of a captivating story built around the Formula 1 racing world. Pitt’s character is a former driver who makes a return to the high-speed sport, paired with Damson Idris, who plays his teammate at the fictional team APXGP.

The movie is directed by Joseph Kosinski, known for his previous work on “Tron: Legacy” and the 2022 hit “Top Gun: Maverick.” Despite still being in production, the film has utilized real Grand Prix weekends to capture authentic racing footage. Kosinski’s directorial style, paired with cinematographer Claudio Miranda’s use of IMAX cameras, promises to bring a level of visual intensity reminiscent of the flight sequences in “Top Gun: Maverick.” Remarkably, Brad Pitt himself has been behind the wheel for some of the driving scenes.

The ensemble cast of “F1” boasts notable names including Kerry Condon, Javier Bardem, Tobias Menzies, Sarah Niles, Kim Boddnia, and Samson Kayo. This diverse lineup adds to the anticipation surrounding the film.

Production credits for the feature are equally impressive. Kosinski serves as a producer along with Jerry Bruckheimer and Chad Oman from Jerry Bruckheimer Films. Brad Pitt also produces through his Plan B Entertainment banner, joined by Dede Gardner and Jeremy Kleiner. Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton comes on board as a producer under his Dawn Apollo Films label.

Movie enthusiasts won’t have to wait too long to catch this high-octane film. Warner Bros. Pictures has scheduled the North American theatrical release for June 27, 2025, with an international release set for June 25, 2025. Following its theatrical run, the film will be available for streaming on Apple TV+.

Source: TheWrap