Brad Pitt Throws Down the Gauntlet in Latest Legal Battle with Angelina Jolie: Shocking Accusations Fly

By: MRT Desk

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The legal battle between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie has been ongoing since their split. Although they have resolved their custody dispute over their six children, a new issue has arisen regarding their French castle, Château Miraval. The castle was acquired by the couple and was used as a vacation residence for their family.

Unfortunately, the love story that captured the world’s attention has come to a bitter end, and the reason for their current clash is due to Jolie’s decision regarding her share in the castle. According to reports, Pitt has accused Jolie of being “vengeful” for secretly planning to sell her million-dollar share of the farm without his consent.

The legal dispute arose because both parties had previously agreed not to sell their share of the castle without the other’s approval. Jolie, however, went ahead with the sale after their break-up, causing Pitt to file a lawsuit against her. The sale led to a $252 million counterclaim by the buyer, Yuri Shefler.

Pitt claims that Jolie sold her share to tarnish his reputation and undermine his investment in Miraval. The actor is devastated as he cannot see the castle as a “loving home” for his six children.

The couple’s love story is now a thing of the past, and their legal battle continues. It remains to be seen how this issue will be resolved, but one thing is clear – their split has changed their lives forever.

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