Braithwaite disagrees with his FIFA 22 stats: “I run more on crutches”

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FIFA 22 is just around the corner; the next one opens October 1st On PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and EA Sports has, one more season, with hundreds of club and player licenses. And among all of them there is one who did not like to see his own statistics in the game: Martin Christensen Braithwaite, the international striker with Denmark who currently plays in the ranks of Fútbol Club Barcelona. Through Twitter, the footballer has asked the official title account if his grades are based on his current condition after go under the knife.

The Dane, who this season has been able to score two goals in the three games he has played, has not hesitated to joke about the speed he has in FIFA 22: “I run 80 with crutches”. At the moment, he has not received a response from EA Sports. Then we leave you Braithwaite’s full stats in the game.

Average Rating: 77

  • Rhythm: 80
  • Shot: 76
  • Pass: 72
  • Regattas: 79
  • Defense: 35
  • Physical: 74

FIFA 22: the new season begins

One more year, EA Sports will play a match against Konami for the throne of interactive football. And how could it be otherwise, the way WAS (FIFA Ultimate Team) will once again be its main insignia. It is a way that recreates the management of your own club, which you must customize, create a competitive squad, attend to important aspects such as training, review of contracts, signings and much more. In addition, thanks to the Companion App, you can be aware of everything that happens around your team without having to enter the game.

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FIFA 22 will go on sale next October 1st PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch (versión Legacy).

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