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Brandon Beemer Shares Emotional Return to 'Days of Our Lives'

Brandon Beemer Shares Emotional Return to ‘Days of Our Lives’

Soap star Brandon Beemer is set to return to Days of Our Lives later this year, much to the delight of his fans. He recently shared how significant this comeback is for him and teased a new season of The Bay.

Brandon Beemer wasn’t the original actor to play Shawn-Douglas Brady, the beloved son of Bo and Hope, on Days of Our Lives. Yet, over the years, he has made the character distinctly his own. He first joined the cast in 2006 and played the role intermittently until 2023 when he was let go.

Shawn-Douglas exited the storyline to attend rehab after some personal struggles. However, observant fans recently spotted Beemer in promotional photos for the show’s 15,000th episode celebration. This milestone coincides with the show’s farewell to Doug Williams following the death of actor Bill Hayes earlier this year.

July 11 marks the final appearance of Bill Hayes as Doug Williams, a character he portrayed for over half a century. The Peacock show filmed the episodes surrounding Doug’s passing, bringing back several key characters including Missy Reeves as Jennifer Horton.

After much fan speculation, it was confirmed that Kristian Alfonso reprised her role as Hope for these special episodes. As loyal viewers know, Hope is Doug’s daughter, making him Shawn-Douglas’ grandfather.

Brandon Beemer expressed his emotions to Daytime Confidential last month about what it meant to return for such an important storyline.

“I was so flattered to be a part of it. When you think about some of the most wonderful people that just always have a smile on their face, always so professional, so giving and willing to be there, Bill was that guy. There’s not a single complaint you can have about him, except that he was just too nice and too sweet and too loving and too kind. It was good to be there for Susan (Seaforth Hayes, Julie Williams)!”

It remains unclear whether Beemer’s return is permanent or if he will only appear in a few episodes later this year.

Aside from Days of Our Lives, fans can also catch Brandon Beemer on The Bay. Season 9 of this digital series reportedly began filming last month.

The series boasts a star-studded cast of soap opera veterans including Mary-Beth Evans, Tristan Rogers, and others. Ahead of the new season, the show’s official Instagram account announced that Season 8 would be available for streaming soon.

For newcomers to The Bay, previous seasons are readily available on various platforms. Seasons 1-7 can be accessed on Amazon Prime, Tubi, and Popstar, while the first six seasons are also on Peacock, the new home of Days of Our Lives after its departure from NBC in 2022.

Are you excited about Brandon Beemer’s return as Shawn-Douglas Brady in Salem later this year?

Source: Daytime Confidential