Brass Against vocalist urinated in the face of a fan in full concert

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At the Daytona International Circuit, located in the state of Florida, in the United States, the festival was held days ago Welcome to Rockville. Thousands of people attended this concert to see their favorite band. However, the focus of the news was on another aspect that caused discomfort and anger in all fans.

The vocalist and leader of the cover band Brass Against, who participated in this festival, made headlines for having urinated on a fan in full concert. After the attitude of Sophia Urista, the video went viral and the users of the networks did not take long to repudiate the actions of the singer. This occurred while the group was performing their latest theme song.

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YouTube Video: Uploading II

Urista had allegedly complained of having to urinate several times. A man with an empty can taped to his forehead volunteered. He lay down on the floor, between his legs and, while he performed “Wake Up”From Rage Against the Machine, Urista dropped his pants.

“Prepare my man with the can on his head,” Urista recorded himself saying. “I have to urinate and I can’t go to the bathroom. So we might as well put on a show. “

Far from being offended, the viewer enjoyed the moment and took it as a prize since it was chosen from thousands of people. Before saying goodbye, Sophia He thanked his fans and especially those who sacrificed himself to carry out the strange ritual: “Thanks to the damned man who put his face on, I hope you haven’t died. You’re still alive, that’s my man. “

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The incident involving Urista is now under investigation by Daytona police as it apparently violated various indecent exposure laws.

Who is Brass Against?

Brass Against is a rock band that recreates with brass instruments songs from Tool, Rage Against, Black Sabbath, Soundergarden, among others. They were approved by Tom Morello, a member of Rage Against the Machine.

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The band’s response

After the viralization of the images that were released, from the official Twitter of the musical group they explained what happened: “We had a great time last night at Rockville. Sophia got carried away and it’s not something that the rest of us weren’t expecting, and it’s not something you’ll see again at our shows. ”

Although the action of the singer was with the consent of the fanaticIn the same way, it generated discomfort and made use of many criticisms. Many ask if this will affect the band’s next shows and if in some way, people will “cancel” this group and how it will affect the artistic career of Sophia Urista.

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