“Brave and Generous: The Remarkable Qualities of Him”

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The confession of Alejandro Sanz has sparked concern among his friends and fans as he admits to being “sad and tired.” His ex-wife, Raquel Perera, has come forward to speak about the situation and assure the public that it is not alarming. She commends Alejandro for his bravery in showing his emotions, and believes that it will help many people.

Raquel Perera has been living in Madrid since 2020 to be closer to Alejandro for their children, Dylan and Alma. Despite their legal battle and separation in 2019, their relationship is good as they prioritize the happiness and well-being of their children. Raquel speaks highly of Alejandro as a father and knows how to handle the four of them very well.

Raquel Perera is a businesswoman specializing in communication and marketing. She will be launching a book on May 31 called “So You Don’t Forget” in which she shares everything she has learned about life and how to manage emotions. Her aim is to serve as a guide to help people enjoy happy moments more and face difficulties. In addition, she has collaborated with Terapia a un clic, a platform for well-being and development, to find meaning and purpose in life.

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