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Bravo Burritos Debuts on ‘America’s Best Restaurants Roadshow’

A segment of “America’s Best Restaurants Roadshow” featuring St. Cloud’s Bravo Burritos has hit YouTube.

The video is hosted by ABR’s Danyel Detomo, who visited Bravo on Good Friday to film for the YouTube channel.

Co-owners Mike Lardy and Sam Hennen are highlighted in the video, making three dishes: Deluxe Burrito with Beef Colorado, Smothered Burrito with Chicken Verde, and Pork Slaw Tacos.

To celebrate the feature, Bravo Burritos held a premiere party at the restaurant last night.

Lardy expressed his gratitude to their customers in a Facebook post, also acknowledging Bravo’s founders, Bill and Helen Ellenbecker. He wrote:

> Bravo Burrito was established on April 16, 1985. The founders, William “Bravo Bill” and Helen Shay Ellenbecker, developed the concept, design, and all of the original recipes. After living in San Francisco for 13 years and traveling extensively throughout Mexico, Bill and Helen returned to St. Cloud with the goal of providing the most delicious, healthiest Mexican food in Minnesota; served in a casual, friendly, and eclectic environment.

Lardy and Hennen purchased Bravo Burrito from the Ellenbeckers a couple of years ago.

Watch the segment on YouTube or check out Bravo’s listing on “America’s Best Restaurants.”

This isn’t the first time “America’s Best Restaurants Roadshow” has featured a St. Cloud restaurant. The YouTube channel highlighted The White Horse Tavern six months ago.

Source: YouTube, ABR Roadshow