“Breaking Free: Join the Community of Those Who Do What They Want”

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New Chapter of the Soap Opera

The world of celebrities never ceases to amaze us. Recently, there were talks about Gerard Piqué’s alleged jealousy towards Shakira after his meeting with Ozuna, with whom Shakira recorded the song “Monotonía”. However, it turns out that the singer and the athlete have come face to face, and the encounter was nothing but surreal.

Meeting Between Shakira, Piqué and Ozuna

During an online meeting between Piqué, his mischievous partner Ibai Llanos, and Ozuna, there was laughter, irony, and the odd hint. Although at first, none of them mentioned anything that could be uncomfortable, it was Ibai who broke the ice and added fuel to the matter with a comment that caused a sensation and Ozuna’s laughter.

Piqué’s Response

To Ibai’s comment, Piqué responded playfully but with a sting, saying that artists are free to do what they want. He was visibly uncomfortable, but he didn’t want to create any animosity. However, he put his finger on the sore point by saying to Ozuna to put in some classics such as “the mother who gave birth to you”.

Ozuna’s Response

To diffuse the situation, Ozuna elegantly diverted the subject and brought out the most beautiful side. He said that they would sing all the classics and that they were going to have a great time. They are all there to work together and spread peace and good vibes.

Reason Behind the Video Call

The reason why Ozuna, Ibai and Shakira’s ex made this video call is the boxing event La Velada del Año 3, which will be held on July 1, at the Metropolitan Stadium in Madrid. With six fights and eight musical performances, the event promises to be an exciting one. C. Tangana, Feid, Quevedo, and Ozuna are among the artists who will be performing.

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It is always fascinating to see how celebrities interact with each other. The meeting between Shakira, Piqué and Ozuna shows that even people with different backgrounds and personalities can get along and work together towards a common goal. Let the good vibes continue!

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