Breaking News: Daniel Bisogno Safe and Sound, Confirms Pati Chapoy

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Daniel Bisogno’s Health Scare: Admitted to Emergency Due to Ruptured Esophageal Varices

Mexican television personality Daniel Bisogno caused a great deal of concern among his fans after it was reported that he had been admitted to an emergency room due to a ruptured esophageal varices. During the broadcast of Ventaneando, Pati Chapoy, Bisogno’s co-worker and friend revealed the news to the world.

“He was admitted to a hospital as an emergency for presenting a liver condition […] Some varicose veins burst in his esophagus, for which they had to intervene to glue the varicose veins that burst and start tying off the varicose veins that were about to burst,” said Chapoy.

Fortunately, the situation has improved in the last 24 hours as revealed by Pati once again on Tuesday, May 30. “Daniel Bisogno is out of danger, he has already gone from intensive care to intermediate care, some implements that have been put on him have already been removed. He already stood up, he walked a little bit,” explained Pati, much to the relief of Daniel’s fans.

According to the Ventaneando personalities, Daniel has not had an easy time at the hospital. Due to his stature, he has been quite uncomfortable on the stretcher and the gown that the hospital provided him with was quite tiny. His relatives had to bring him a fitting gown, along with slippers, to make his stay at the hospital more bearable.

While the news of Daniel’s improving health is good news for his fans, the doctors are still investigating the cause of his condition. Once they determine the root cause of Daniel’s health scare, the team at Ventaneando will inform their viewers. Until then, Daniel’s fans can breathe a sigh of relief knowing he is on the mend.

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