Breaking Records: La Puerta Roja Delivers Best Global Debut for a Horror Film since 2019

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The Night of the Demon: The Red Door Achieves Best Global Horror Film Debut Since 2019

Horror films usually have good box office opportunities as fans of the genre look forward to them throughout the year and not just at a certain time. If we add to this the general interest in franchises of this type, the prospects improve quite a bit regardless of the opinion of critics. La Noche del Demonio: La Puerta Roja (42%) is the best example of this, because despite not having the support of specialists, its global earnings have been excellent even with the strong competition that is coming.

James Wan and Leigh Whannell’s Impact on the Genre

James Wan and Leigh Whannell found immediate fame and respect from horror fans for Saw: The Grim Game (48%), and for several years they remained a strong team developing original stories. In fact, many consider that they fostered a new wave in the genre that in recent years has tried to rescue from the dominance of the so-called high horror. One of his most praised creations is The Night of the Demon (66%), which led to the creation of a fairly successful franchise.

A Unique Approach to Demon Stories

The Night of the Demon turned the stories of demons and haunted houses upside down by presenting the plot from another angle. The original installment shows us the story of an apparently happy marriage that falls into chaos when their eldest son ends up in a very strange and inexplicable coma. As the tape progresses, we discover that the little boy traveled astrally to another plane and got stuck, which caused a lot of spirits to want to take over his body. At the same time, the skeptical father must face his past to save his son, thus opening the doors to something truly macabre.

The Success of “The Red Door”

When the film was released, it was very well received by the public who appreciated the originality and the canon that clearly served to more deliveries. The Night of the Demon: Chapter 2 (39%) was more experimental in telling the same story but from a different angle, leaving an open ending that left fans hoping for a decent ending. After several years and a couple of prequels, the saga returned to its roots to close once and for all with the event that affected the Lambert family and caused the death of paranormal investigator Elise Rainier.

The Directorial Debut of Patrick Wilson

The Night of the Demon: The Red Door marks the directorial debut of Patrick Wilson, who also plays the Lambert family patriarch and shares credits with Rose Byrne and Ty Simpkins. On this occasion, Dalton enters the university hoping to start his life as an adult, but he finds that the demons of the past come back to haunt him, so he must join his father to cross one last time to that other plane and close the door that has caused them so much torment. This film is supposed to be the closure of the saga, which raised their expectations for its first weekend at the box office that did go very well.

A Surprising Success

According to Collider, the film had a great first weekend, collecting US $ 32.6 million nationally, but it’s the global numbers that really make it an interesting success. Apparently, during its first days in theaters, the movie made $31 million, bringing the total to $64 million, which is surprising considering its $16 million budget and the one that had no problem beating Indiana at the box office. Jones and The Dial of Fate (63%). Following these analyses, the outlet ensures that the installment already marks the best debut for a horror work since 2019.

International Success and Future Challenges

The film has conquered important territories such as Latin America with US$11 million, and Europe with US$10 million, and it has yet to be released in South Korea, Indonesia, and Spain, where large numbers are also expected. The Night of the Demon: The Red Door will face a real challenge with the premiere of Mission Impossible: Deadly Judgment – Part One (93%), Barbie, and Oppenheimer, but at this point, it has already generated enough considering its original budget, thus reaffirming the taste of people for horror stories and the bets that can mean for the production companies dedicated to the genre.

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