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“Breathtakingly Romantic: Harald and Sonia’s Love Story Takes the Spotlight on TV”

The unforgettable love story of the King and Queen of Norway

The inspiring love story between the King and Queen of Norway, Harald and Sonia, has captured the attention of director and screenwriter Vibeke Idsøe. Idsøe has decided to bring their story to the small screen through a series called Harald and Sonja, which will be broadcast on the Swedish streaming platform Viaplay in 2025. The series is still in the recording process and is produced by Paradox.

The story will recount the couple’s adventurous beginning, marked by obstacles stemming from the differences in their origins. Harald’s tireless perseverance and determination to win over his father, Olaf V, who initially refused to accept Sonia as his son’s partner, is a central theme of the series.

The Origins of their love story

Harald and Sonia met in the 1960s at a summer camp. Even then, their love seemed “impossible” since she came from a common background. The monarch and some of the people of the country were not in favor of their relationship, including King Olav V, who initially opposed it. However, the young couple showed an unyielding determination to be together, despite attempts to keep them apart.

Over the years, Harald and Sonia’s love grew stronger. Their bond was unbreakable, to the point where Sonia threatened to end her own life if she couldn’t marry Harald. The ultimatum led to a wedding ceremony, where Sonia, who became Princess of Norway, wore a dress designed by herself.

The Adaptation to the small screen

The lead roles of Harald and Sonia will be played by young actors Sindre Strand Offerdal and Gina Bernhoft Gørvell. Offerdal, 29, who plays Harald, praised the humility and humanity of the king’s personality. On the other hand, Bernhoft Gørvell admitted feeling both happy and nervous about the idea of embodying a character that is well known by the public.


The love story between Harald and Sonia is an inspiring story of how true love and perseverance can conquer even the most challenging obstacles. The upcoming series Harald and Sonja will continue to captivate and inspire audiences when it airs in 2025 on Viaplay.

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